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At Static Sun Electric & Solar, we are proud to offer indoor lighting services to residents and businesses throughout Chandler and the White Mountains. Our team of experienced electricians can help you with all your indoor lighting needs, from installations to repairs and maintenance.

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Benefits of Professional Indoor Lighting Installation

Proper lighting not only helps to create a comfortable and welcoming environment but also improves safety and productivity. Here are some of the benefits of indoor lighting installation:

  • Aesthetics: Indoor lighting can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. With a range of lighting options available, including recessed lighting, pendant lighting, and chandeliers, you can create a customized lighting design that complements your decor and enhances the overall look and feel of your space.
  • Safety: Proper indoor lighting can improve safety by providing sufficient illumination for people to see clearly and navigate their surroundings safely. This can be particularly important in high-traffic areas or spaces with potential hazards.
  • Productivity: Good lighting can improve productivity by reducing eye strain and fatigue, providing a comfortable and well-lit environment for work or other activities.
  • Energy efficiency: Installing energy-efficient lighting, such as LED or CFL bulbs, can reduce energy costs and minimize your carbon footprint.
  • Home value: Upgraded indoor lighting can increase the value of your home by making it more attractive to potential buyers.

We specialize in all types of indoor lighting, from basic lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting. Our team of experienced electricians is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction. We strive to provide the best possible service for our customers, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

What are the Different Types of Light Fixtures?

There are numerous types of light fixtures, each serving specific purposes and contributing to the overall illumination and aesthetics of a space. 

Here are some common types of light fixtures:

  • Chandeliers: Hanging from the ceiling, chandeliers are decorative light fixtures often found in dining rooms, foyers, and living rooms. They come in various styles, sizes, and materials.
  • Pendant Lights: Similar to chandeliers but usually smaller, pendant lights hang from the ceiling and are often used in kitchens, over dining tables, or in hallways. They provide focused task lighting.
  • Ceiling Fans with Lights: These fixtures combine the functionality of a ceiling fan with the illumination of a light fixture. They are commonly used in bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Recessed Lighting: Also known as can lights or downlights, recessed lights are installed into the ceiling, providing a clean and modern look. They are versatile and can be used for general or accent lighting.
  • Track Lighting: Track lights consist of a linear track with adjustable fixtures that can be moved and aimed independently. They are often used for accent lighting to highlight specific areas or objects.
  • Flush Mount and Semi-Flush Mount Lights: These fixtures are mounted directly against the ceiling. Flush mount lights are completely flush, while semi-flush mount lights hang down slightly. They are suitable for rooms with lower ceilings.
  • Wall Sconces: Mounted on walls, sconces provide accent or ambient lighting. They come in various styles and can be used in hallways, bedrooms, or living rooms.
  • Under-Cabinet Lighting: Installed beneath kitchen cabinets, under-cabinet lights illuminate countertops and workspaces. They are commonly used in kitchens for task lighting.
  • Picture Lights: These small, focused lights are used to highlight artwork or photographs on walls. They are often mounted above or below the artwork.
  • Track Heads and Rail Systems: Similar to track lighting, these fixtures are mounted on a track or rail. They offer flexibility in positioning and are often used for accent or task lighting.
  • Cove Lighting: Concealed in ledges, recesses, or architectural elements, cove lighting directs light upward, providing ambient illumination and a soft, indirect glow.
  • Step Lights: Installed in staircases or along pathways, step lights provide safety and accent lighting. They are often used outdoors as well as indoors.

Choosing the right type of light fixture depends on the function of the space, the desired atmosphere, and the overall design aesthetic of the room.

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